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Confronting Skepticism April 28, 2010

Posted by Dreamhealer in Healing, Skeptics.

Over the last several years, since I first discovered my powers, my parents and I have tried to keep everything low key. We did not want to be swamped with requests for healing. I decided that I should live as normal a life as possible, because I feel that some day I will be very popular. They realize that with popularity comes trouble. There are so many people who would go out of their way to make life difficult for me. There are people who are perpetually skeptical and no matter what they find out they will not change. When someone devotes their entire life ridiculing special abilities like mine, it is impossible for them to turn around and say they have been wrong all their life. Some people have a great deal to lose from the truth.

“Censorship and character assassination are ways they discredit anyone, who suggests that reality exists beyond our five physical senses”.

I am not saying that being somewhat skeptical is a bad thing. On the contrary it is very normal and healthy. However, when people turn it into a very successful business disproving anything that is not understood by mainstream science, then I think that is wrong. This slows down the evolution of thought which brings about our new accepted truths. Very educated and honest people are constantly being ridiculed by skeptics, who have no intention of understanding the truth. There are some well-known skeptics who have turned skepticism into very lucrative businesses. Imagine an industry, which builds widgets and sells them for a profit. Suppose that same company discovers a way that people could perform the same task without ever buying a widget. I don’t think they would be too quick to release this discovery. Listening to all the corruption in our corporate world these days they might even go out of their way to suppress the discovery.

Imagine the skeptic’s society proving that UFO’s exist, telepathy is possible, distant healing is fact. Somehow I don’t think we would see a major announcement about this. Their job is to disprove, not prove. If you search the Internet on conversations with these people you quickly realize that it is nothing but a sea of insults going back and forth. They are very quick to categorize someone, as a nutcase if they dare suggest that something exist that has not yet been proven. This brings to mind an interesting suggestion that some American politician made (in the name of cost cutting) back in the late 1800’s.

“We might as well shut down the patent offices because everything that can be invented has been invented”

This unbelievable attitude is obviously still prevalent in our society. Their existence is emotionally based on fear and hate, not facts. They are very hostile and they are totally unscientific and will always know the results of an experiment before it takes place.

When we first discovered my powers my dad wanted to maintain my anonymity. However, we thought we would contact medical and educational institutions to get some help in understanding it. He phoned the psychology department at the local university. When he got through to a psychologist he was put on hold. It seemed that he was on hold so the guy could get over laughing and maybe tell a few people in the office. He was referred to another Doctor who was supposed to be responsible for these types of issues. However, we soon found out that this person was head of a skeptics society. I did some research on him and began to realize that his sole purpose was to disprove any suggestion of so-called paranormal.

In a mocking way this person asked me to tell him what is wrong with him. I told him that there was a problem developing in his chest area that he should get looked at. He dismissed this and published in skeptic magazines that Adam got everything wrong I looked at him. 4 years later this Doctor died of a massive heart attack while in his office at the university. His door was closed. He would rather die than admit that I was right in my diagnosis.

The skeptics have done a great job infiltrating and convincing our society that any suggestion of things beyond scientific description, don’t exist. We sent out numerous emails and letters to universities, cancer research and scientist to help us understand what we are up against. We also talked to a few doctors on what is going on and to our surprise they did not even want to acknowledge it in any way. You would think that someone in the business of healing would at least have an interest in how this works. It is actually somewhat scary how the scientific and societal dogma runs our existence. What ever happen to curiosity. Thankfully, our searching has lead to a number of well-educated people who are very knowledgeable and willing to help us understand this ability, that could benefit the whole world.

It takes a very strong individual to go against the mainstream thinking and pursue answers to many unexplained events around us. I truly respect these people and hope they will be vindicated someday from all the attacks by their critics. I feel my powers are getting stronger every day, and I hope I can play a major part in that vindication.


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