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BP inserted a mile-long tube into its damaged pipe May 16, 2010

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BP inserted a mile-long tube into its damaged pipe late Saturday night aimed at capturing much of the oil gushing from a well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, but it got yanked out as a line from a Remotely-Operated Vehicle got entangled with the tube’s line to the surface, according to sources familiar with the project.

BP is now trying to reinsert the tube, which aims to collect the oil from the main riser pipe from the downed Deepwater Horizon rig before it reaches open water. The oil would be transferred to tankers on the surface.

After workers successfully installed the tube, which is like inserting one straw into another, gas found its way to the surface and was flared, showing that tube had successfully funneled gas and some oil from the leak. But then an ROV umbilical line got entangled with the insertion tube and pulled it out of the riser pipe. BP declined to answer questions about the operation, saying that federal officials will provide more information later in the day.

It was a setback for the spill recovery effort, though it shows there is some chance of containing part of the leak in the near future.


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