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Truly Real and Amazing May 17, 2010

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer, Healing, Testimonials.

I had planned to attend a healing workshop Adam was giving in Toronto about 2 years ago and I was already into acceptance of the whole concept of self-healing etc….when, about 3 months prior to the workshop I accidentally slammed the patio door on my thumb.  My friends were waiting for me in my van which I had remotely unlocked for them and I was rushing to lock up the doors.  The pain was excruciating, suddenly I thought of Adam and channeled some healing energy from him to my thumb and within a few minutes the pain was gone without a trace, but the process of losing my thumbnail began a few weeks later etc.  However, by the time I did go to the workshop I had signed up for, I had already forgotten all about this incident.  Then, when Adam came on stage and was preparing us for the group healing my thumbnail began to throb and was intensely painful for a about 15 seconds and completely disappeared, I had reconnected to Adam’s energy.  I realized that I had indeed (unknown to Adam per se) connected to Adam as a Energy Conduit/facilitator.  Needless to say, the thumbnail continued to blacken and fall off as a new nail was growing in.  I have since used this method of tapping into the healing energy source for myself and others who may be ill.  I consider Adam as a teaching instrument from God a healing energy conduit for the betterment of mankind.  I never found my story very fantastic but I finally needed to share it.  Because I know I did experience something extraordinary.

I am also participating with all the group efforts you are bringing to our attention with  visualizations and awareness to bring solutions/help, etc. etc. to the crude oil spilling into the ocean and other natural disasters throughout the world.

I thank you, Adam and your team for all the find work you are doing in this realm.  It is truly real and amazing.

God Bless LH


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