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Workshop Testimonial May 17, 2010

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer, Healing, Testimonials.

Over the years I’ve attended several workshops in Toronto because I always feel terrific afterward. After attending a workshop in 2004, within a month or so I realized that a recurring pain in my hip had disappeared. I wasn’t looking for a healing but there it was. My most recent workshop was April 11, 2010 and again, I wasn’t looking for healing and yet have noticed that a recent pain in my foot disappeared. Although I did not intentionally focus on individual parts of my body because I was not aware of any ailment (forgetting about my foot), I had an open mind and used the focused intention all over. I love the visualization of the energy coming into my head and going out through my feet followed by a tropical shower. I asked a friend to join me as I knew this would be a big treat for her and she was aware and had read Adam’s books, so I knew she was open to the self healing concept. Both of us went for the excitment of learning, meeting like minded people and enjoying the state of meditation and visualization. A week ago, my friend mentioned her index finger was improving and she no longer felt the big bump on top of it (it looked like the beginning of arthritis. When I asked her how long she had had the problem with her finger she responded at least a year.

So Adam is completely correct when he says that some people see immediate results while others may see results in weeks or months. I’d also like to add that not all the effects are physical, my thinking and attitude has changed toward many stressful situations. I’m not stressed anymore. The knowledge you gain by these workshops is empowering combined with responsibility for your own good health and be happy. 😉 Thank you Adam and Dreamhealer


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