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FDA approves another hypertension pill, but look at all those side effects August 17, 2010

Posted by Dreamhealer in Big Pharma.

In Sacramento, you have two mindsets of people, one taking prescription drugs and the other seeking herbal and food-related ways to get at the root causes of their high blood pressure, which may be genetic. See the article,  Stevia & Celery Lower Blood Pressure – Share The Wealth. Also see the article, Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure. You might check out the local, Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center.

It was founded by Sutter Health Credentialed Integrative Holistic Practitioner and Sacramento native, Dennis Godby, M.A., N.M.D – one of California’s first licensed naturopathic medical doctors – to provide a pathway for your healing.  Dr. Godby has been inspiring people to improve their health and fitness since his 1,420 mile solo run across the Northern Cascades and Canadian Rockies, for that cause, 31 years ago.

If you’re doing research on alternative treatments for high blood pressure, you also might want to compare medical news between alternative and conventional medicine reports for local areas as well as national information. Conventional medicine seems to be focusing on polypills that combine various treatments in fewer pills. Check out these medical news articles on polypills for high blood pressure, and be aware of the safety warnings on who should and should not take polypills for certain conditions. Read More….


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