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Healing with Adam DreamHealer June 9, 2011

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.

At Toronto in 2007, I experienced my first educational and group healing session with remote healer, Adam McLeod of Dreamhealer.  Yesterday on June 5th in Calgary, I attended another Dreamhealer group session, together with a friend who had been experiencing a number of health issues.  Happily, I had won two tickets in a Dreamhealer Essay Contest so my guest and I were thrilled to be seated in the front row – Thank You Team Dreamhealer!

Adam’s ability to teach healing techniques is as powerful as his healing ability.  Tying together science, energy and the power of intention, Adam provides fascinating descriptions, excellent visuals, and clear methodologies for healing.  He focuses on healing the body’s aura or energy field, which in turn heals the body.  His extensive list of healing successes are evidenced by thousands of loyal followers who are happy to share their testimonials about how they were healed by Adam and his techniques.  Adam has healed  countless illnesses including many cases  of pancreatic cancer that were declared inoperable and terminal by physicians.

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