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Remain In Remission July 17, 2011

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.

At DreamHealer website, I searched for a way to submit a photo, but could not find it, so I am contacting you via email. And I wanted to update you on my healing journey. A follow-up to my healing journey from leukemia: I am approaching 1 year since my first chemo with intense healing as I followed Adam’s visualizations throughout my treatments.

My normally, seemingly detached, hematologist did a bit of a jig as he entered the exam room several weeks ago. He was impressed with my healthy state — labs and my person. His nurse gave me a hug and had happy tears in her eyes as she expressed how amazed she was at how well I looked. “I can’t believe how healthy and well you look” was her comment.

I remain in remission, and have returned to my Energy of Dance meditation, and assist others in this. I also shared my journey, and how powerful & critically important Adam’s visualizations were/are to my healing and continued health. Friends and people I’d not seen in many months to a year or more are amazing at my continued state of health and energy. (A friend just informed me this evening she will place an from DreamHealer.com as she was very impressed with Adam’s visualizations.)

Liz, one thing I wanted to share after reading about some of your journey on DreamHealer (you & your family never cease to amaze me and the healing power we may all tap in to – & how to), — A few years ago my then hematologist received a phone call in the middle of my medical visit. It was his travel agent who’d called about the doctor’s upcoming travels to Europe. When he hung up from his call, he too said, “Now where were we.” The call lasted longer than my visit and my exam was cut short when a nurse entered the room to inform him he was running behind. (Later, I noticed on the bill I’d been charged for an extended visit — grrrrrrr, but protects fell on deaf ears.)

I’d moved from the Northwest to Arizona because I was told I could be part of an EGCg clinic trial that would cover all costs. This same doctor informed me 4 months after the fact that it was “too late now”, — he’d forgotten to call me.)

I changed doctor’s. The clinic trial offered years later by the second doctor, (my only option in March 2010 beside “palliative care” as they flatly told me), would only cover the costs for one of the very expensive medications used. (Sad state of affairs medically for those without in America, for sure.) So as you can see, Adam’s visualizations was desperately needed and completely welcome on my healing path and remain so.

Thanks for all you do and for taking the time to read my email.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Blessings, maka


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