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My Healing Journey August 5, 2011

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.

Totally unexpectedly, I had the privilege to go west last winter, and then participated in Adams Workshop December 5th, 2010 in Vancouver. I had not in my wildest dreams dared to hope for such an incredibly fantastic experience which it actually was, and I feel great gratitude for having experienced the admirable job that Adam McLeod does.

The day after I returned by myself to Sweden and in spite of the long flight, I was still as brand New when I got home.

With new strength, both physically, emotionally, intuitively, I started the new year by buying a season ticket to the swimming pool. I swam faster than ever before – at a young age, I was racing swimmer – but after a month it “slammed” to the left hip/thigh and it all took an abrupt halt. So it can go when to show of! The incident occurred when a fellow artist was standing at the edge of the pool and then some on a whim asked me if I was in Vancouver to participate in the Olympics. Ha, ha … Well, I had forgotten that Adam had said that we should be careful, though it was easy for when I actually felt like I was reborn.

A little while later, when I was as insatiable and totally senseless to repaint and fix our house here this spring – because of the sale and move – I became so hypersensitive to any cleaning solution that prolonged cold and big red rash on my neck “blossomed out.” Then I felt it was like starting from the beginning again.

Fortunately, since I seriously began with the translation of Intention Heals, it starts so slowly but surely turning for the better again. My intention is actually to rewrite the whole book so I can read it in my own language, and so far I have done almost half of the work. It’s a bit tricky but I’ll manage. I really want to be empowered on how to heal myself because I feel that I would like to help other. But of course it’s a must to first find my old power back that was lost along the way so that I’ll first are empowered for my own self healing.

I love life and I’ve got a smile in my face every day.

Thank you Adam and Liz and Frank

Love, Light & Joy, – C.E.


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