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Symone’s Recovery October 7, 2011

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.

This site is about Symone’s miracle. On June 23rd 2005 Symone fell 2 stories at a shopping centre and suffered a devastating brain injury. She was not expected to survive the night. However, she did survive and lay in a coma for 2 weeks. When she woke up she could not talk or walk and had very limited mental faculties. Over the next few months she went through extensive rehabilitation and slowly regained her health and her faculties. Now, 4 years later she is living a productive life. She has left home, is living with her boyfriend and they are building their own house together. To look at her and talk with her you would not know anything had happened to her.

Her remarkable recovery and incredible story is chronicled step by step in this website. Enjoy and marvel at the power of faith, healing and positive intentions.

Ever since the accident happened, Symone has been getting regular treatment from an extremely gifted Remote Healer named Adam as arranged by Jeff Rense.  Adam is said to be another Edgar Cayce and beyond…in that he can not only ‘enter’ a person’s body from any distance and see exactly what it going on inside, but he can also energize and facilitate the body’s own healing of itself from the subatomic level on up with bursts of his own energy.

Goto symone’s website….


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