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The Teenage Miracle Worker October 7, 2011

Posted by Dreamhealer in Dreamhealer.

The Vancouver teenager who treated Ronnie Hawkins for cancer is reading my aura. We are sitting opposite each other in the darkened cocktail lounge of a Toronto hotel at midday. Officially, the room is closed but Adam, his father, Frank, and I have slipped past the barriers in search of a quiet place to talk.

I have shown them a small lump on my left wrist and Adam has shifted his gaze to somewhere over my left shoulder.

“I won’t go inside,” he says, meaning he won’t plunge visually into my cardiovascular and lymphatic systems to analyze the obstruction, like a human CT scan. He has to conserve his energy for a six-hour collective healing session the next day for 75 fibromyalgia patients.

Instead, he checks my aura for energy blockages, a task that in dim light apparently takes him little effort.

“The problem’s not really your wrist,” he says, eyes surveying the middle distance. “I see something on your neck, on the left side.

“Well, on both sides, really, but especially the left. On the right I see more like a shadow. Your left shoulder blade and left arm — something’s going on there.” Read full article….


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