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Mosaic Interview with Adam ‘DreamHealer’ October 17, 2011

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Connie:I’m very excited to be interviewing Adam. For those of you who don’t know Adam, he is a Molecular Biologist who is also an internationally renowned Canadian energy healer (from British Columbia). He’s the best-selling author of three DreamHealer books and DVD.

He combines his First Nations (Native American) healing background with channeled insights and his academic background in molecular biology. The result is some of the most amazing information on energy healing available today.

I first learned about Adam through a friend of mine, Marianne Baron, about five years ago. I had been getting Reiki treatments from Marianne for a while and then one day I noticed a huge increase in her ability to channel energy in the treatment. It was like the power was amped up 100%. I asked her what had happened to her since the last time I saw her as the difference in her energy was astounding to me. She said that the only thing she could think of was that she had just come back from an Adam workshop where he had done some group healings. I immediately knew I wanted some of that and signed up for his next workshop!

On June 28th, Adam will be here in Edmonton presenting an Intention Heals workshop. I just finished reading his latest book and I can’t wait to go to his workshop again.

I want to start at the beginning. Can you tell us the story of how you first became aware that you were a healer?

Adam: As far back as I can remember I saw auras, which is the subtle light surrounding all living things. I thought this was normal and it wasn’t until my early teenage years that I realized this is an unusual ability. As well, many telekinetic events occurred around me and I became very curious about what was happening.

My Mom has had multiple sclerosis since before I was born. One day, when I was 14 years old, my Mom was in excruciating pain from trigeminal neuralgia, a symptom of MS. I told her to close her eyes and I placed my hand on her head. I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular; I just didn’t want my mom to be in pain anymore. I went into a deep trance and I saw a throbbing bright green blob in her head. I grabbed it and pulled it out. She has not had another occurrence of trigeminal neuralgia. I was amazed at what I had experienced.

On September 21, 2002, I read an article in our local paper on rock legend, Ronnie Hawkins. It reported that he had been diagnosed with terminal, inoperable pancreatic cancer. The original name of his back-up band was The Hawks, which became The Band, legendary in the 1960s for backing Bob Dylan. Ronnie has been in the music business for decades. When John Lennon and Yoko Ono were in town during their 1969 peace crusade, they stayed at Ronnie’s place.

Ronnie was quite willing to try my healing approach, since the doctors had not given him any hope of recovery. “Five of the best doctors in the world have told me that this is it. They said three to six months, tops—I’m gone.” Distant healing was certainly a new idea to Ronnie and his family, but they were keen.

In September 2002, well-known Canadian producer and composer David Foster, hosted what was thought to be a farewell party in Ronnie’s honor in Toronto. Many major celebrities attended, including former U.S. president Bill Clinton, comedian Whoopi Goldberg and singer and composer Paul Anka.

I spent the next few weeks treating Ronnie’s tumor on the energetic level, helping his body fight off the cancer and reduce the tumor. Ronnie always felt a quivering in his abdomen during treatments. His jaundice disappeared and his overall health seemed to be getting progressively better. All the treatments I did on Ronnie were from 3,000 miles away.

Several months later, rather than planning a funeral, Ronnie was planning a CD release and a TV show. Ronnie started thinking more about living than dying. On February 27, 2003, Ronnie’s CT and MRI scans showed no evidence of any tumor. He is still cancer-free seven years later.

Connie: What do you experience when you perform a healing?

Adam: Using my intentions, I am able to influence health and I am able to ‘see’ the resulting energy changes. This works most effectively if the person’s intention for better health is aligned with the healer’s intentions.

When I first experienced healing with energy, the person receiving the energy was in the same physical room as me. Then I learned how to do distant healing and distance is no longer a factor. Now I do group energy treatments at my workshops, as they work very effectively. All participants learn how to harness the power of visualizations and experience self-empowerment through energy healing.

Connie: Your latest book is called Intention Heals – A Guide and Workbook (DreamHealer 2008). Can you explain to us why and how intention works? What is the science behind it?

Adam: Our intentions create our reality. Through focusing our intentions we can directly influence our own health. My newest book Intention Heals provides readers with step-by-step instructions to accomplish this.

Intentions directly affect our metabolism and consequently our health. It is common knowledge in the scientific community that our intentions influence our healing processes. Although these concepts are well accepted, the medical community has been slow to integrate these ideas into practice.

Connie: In your book you talk a lot about visualization and even give a number of visualization exercises to help the readers with anything from managing stress or letting go of excess fat in their bodies to healing multiple sclerosis and cancer. What are visualizations and why are they so important?

Adam: Because I am able to perceive or ‘see’ how energy moves, I have discovered the potential of visualizations. I can ‘see’ that healing is an innate and teachable skill and every one of us can maximize our own healing potential through intentions. The most effective way for most people to focus their intentions on healing is to visualize it happening. That is what visualizations are; specific focused intentions. Visualizations are a means to consciously focus intentions on healing.

Connie: How has your First Nations cultural roots and heritage influenced you and your healing abilities?

Adam: On my Dad’s side of the family, I am related to the last known tribal shaman healer. The ancient healing ideas and practices of my First Nations cultural roots have had a very profound influence on my work. I have had the privilege of participating as an invited healer in many sacred healing rituals, which have shaped my approach to energy healing. Elders, shamans and others have taught me many things about aboriginal culture, ceremonies and way of life. All understand the importance of energy in life and health and how everything is interconnected.

We are now at a crossroads where this ancient wisdom is becoming more mainstream. Leaders in science are discovering that we are far more complex than biochemical machines. We are senders and receivers of energy as information, which influences our health far beyond our conscious awareness.

It is impossible to separate our physical being from emotional and spiritual levels. Each of us is a complete being of unique experiences connected to a collective consciousness.

Connie: How has your education as a Molecular Biologist influenced you as a healer? Why did you choose to study molecular biology?

Adam: During my university studies in molecular biology, I have been fascinated by the dynamic nature of all molecules of life. The smallest change in structure or orientation of a molecule has dramatic effects on our health. Metabolism is based on enzyme activity and these enzymes are directly influenced by our intentions and thoughts. There is no such thing as an idle or neutral thought. This should be a huge motivation for everyone to practice positive thoughts and intentions.

Connie: I was at workshop of yours in Calgary a few years ago and I was amazed by the story and photo slides you showed of the huge black bird you were led to in an extremely remote location. Can you tell our readers about that experience and why you think this experience happened to you?

Adam: When I was 15, I had my first vision. It was an incredibly vivid dream where I was soaring above the ocean like an eagle. Then I saw a big black bird sitting in the forest. I had a strong feeling that I had to go to a remote area on the west side of Vancouver Island.

Through a series of events I describe in my book The Path of the DreamHealer, I found this large black bird in the exact location that I had seen in my vision. This was an epiphany for me. It confirmed that the extraordinary events I had been experiencing for several years were real. I could trust myself on my way forward. This greatly amplified my healing abilities.

During my encounter with the bird, I received very complex information. Even years later, there is still much that I have not been able to decipher. This encounter with the bird opened a gateway in me allowing for a more efficient connection to knowledge from the field of information. Since then I have been constantly bombarded with vast amounts of information. This information comes to me in various forms. Sometimes it’s words, sometimes images, sometimes thoughts, sometimes I hear a voice. It varies depending on the type of information I am receiving.

Connie: You were recently involved in the film, The Living Matrix, which premiered in London, England last month. Can you tell us more about this movie and your part in it?

Adam: On March 23, a new full-length film, The Living Matrix – The Science of Healing, premiered in London, England, which seeks to revolutionize how health and healing are viewed. Information and energy are viewed as breakthroughs in transforming our understanding of health.

One such case was sighted by Dr. Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut and prominent physicist who spoke of his own experience with energy healing at a distance. In 2004, Dr. Mitchell was diagnosed with a carcinoma on his kidney. He contacted me when I was in Vancouver and he was in Florida. After several distant treatments and several months later, Mitchell was declared cancer-free by his physician.

I have spoken in conferences across North America with Mitchell as quantum physics best describes this non-local subtle energy used in the healing work that I do. Dr. Bruce Lipton also spoke in conferences all across North America with Mitchell and myself. He describes epigenetics as the flexibility of life to adapt to its environment, including one of healing energy. In these workshops with the three speakers, I demonstrated how we all have a direct influence on our biology.

Connie: Instead of doing private healing sessions you perform group healings at your workshops so you can help the most amount of people possible. How do these group healings work?

Adam: In my conferences I conduct group healings by merging the auras of all participants into a coherent frequency, allowing the entire group to resonate together. This allows all participants to experience energy healing as they receive instructions on visualizations and how to most effectively direct this energy flow, maximizing the effectiveness. This provides an energetic jump-start to the healing process that must be continued through customized visualizations, which is the focus of my teachings, books and DVD. Many people have witnessed amazing changes with their health.

What we perceive as separateness in physical terms is illusory as we are all part of a field of information that is transmitted as energy. This is the basic premise of how distant energy healing works. Some people have the ability to see or perceive subtle energy, often referred to as ‘aura.’ The healer accesses this field of information in order to connect to another person and then deciphers it by putting the information into a form to which others can relate.

Connie: Why do you think you were given your gift of healing?

Adam: I discovered my healing ability quite by accident, but through a desire to help relieve my Mom’s pain and suffering. Perhaps I have connected to my healing ability from my aboriginal shaman ancestry. Maybe I have connected to my ancestor’s ability to ‘see’ auras and subtle energy. What motivates me has always been helping people help themselves.

Connie: All your books have ‘DreamHealer’ in the titles. Where did you get that name from and what does it mean to you?

Adam: DreamHealer is the name of my first book, and the three subsequent books all have DreamHealer in the title.

As I wrote in my first book: “The dream is our vision of perfect health. The healer is our guide along this path.” That is where the word DreamHealer originated.

There is another aspect of the word DreamHealer. Our dream state is the best time for healing as we can align conscious thought of visualizations with subconscious dream state creativity and imagination without limits.

Connie: Thank you Adam. I’m really looking forward to your upcoming workshop.

Adam: Thank you.


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