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EEG Proves Significant Increase in Theta Waves of a Target Person During Distant Healing January 15, 2012

Posted by Dreamhealer in Healing.

Adam McLeod (Dreamhealer) participated in a series of scientific electroencephalographic (EEG) studies conducted by a neuro-psychologist. EEGs are non-invasive tests used in clinical studies to record brain wave patterns in controlled situations. The EEG recordings measured brainwave activity of the target person under four separate and distinct conditions. The first condition was Adam in a separate room as the target person. The second and fourth segments were when Adam was in the same room as the target person, but not actively engaged in his telepathic healing. The third condition was Adam in the same room as the target person, but several feet away as he focused energy on the person. Results showed a significant increase in very specific Theta brainwave amplitude in the pre-frontal cortex only during Adam’s telepathic connection. Adam thinks that this is the identical mechanism by which he coordinates the frequency of participants at his workshops to a coherent energy pattern for healing. Adam plans to setup several large EEG experiment which will involve many participants. Two of which have already been completed with successful results!

“By initiating a series of EEG studies, I hope to offer one more affirmation of distant healing.” states Adam.

A graphical display of results from yet another successful test by Adam McLeod (Dreamhealer) can be seen in this article.

For more information on these tests check out the website “Intention heals“.

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About Adam

Adam is author of four best-selling books published in Canada and the United States by Penguin, the UK by Time Warner and in 25 other countries globally. These books include ‘Dreamhealer: A True Story of Miracle Healing’, providing intuitive health insights for guided self-healing, ‘DreamHealer 2: A Guide To Self-Empowerment’, the dramatic sequel to Adam’s first book which includes visualization techniques, and ‘The Path of The DreamHealer: The Quantum World of Energy Healing’, offering insight into our interconnectedness, healing awareness and unity; and Intention Heals. He also produced and narrates the popular DVD ‘Dreamhealer: Visualizations for Self-Empowerment’, bringing dynamic interactive visualizations into the home of thousands. Adam’s work has been endorsed by Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, rock star Ronnie Hawkins and Qigong Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow among hundreds of others.


1. Joan Field (@JoanoftheSun) - January 15, 2012

This sounds so wonderful, Adam. I’m glad you are doing the testing and getting the results out to the world. We need this. Thanks! ❤

2. Magda Maria - January 16, 2012

Very interesting…. healing by rewriting the blueprint of our true and healthy self in our mind.

3. January 2012 | Conscious Media Network - January 19, 2012

[…] EEG Proves Significant Increase in Theta Waves of a Target Person During Distant Healing – dre… […]

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