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Neuroplasticity as on CNN NEWS is Evident in Energy Healing July 28, 2012

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It was wonderful to see the topic of neuroplasticity being discussed today on CNN.  Dr. Doidge’s book, “The Brain That Changes Itself” describes a revolutionary “discovery that our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains- even into old age.” (The New York Times).

Adam was aware of this phenomena years ago when he first helped several people recover from brain injuries. As a young teenager, he lacked the anatomy and physiology training to know the terminology, but he could see energetically what was happening in braininjuries he worked with.  Adam has the ability to see the energy flow, so when he sees energy spark in an injured brain he reconnects the energy flow to its healthy state. The person’s body remembers what it needs to regain health.

As he stimulated energy reconnections and energy flow, the brain could repair, rewire and remap the brains functions and thus heal itself to recover normal functions. When an injury is recent, the neurons in the brain are desperately trying to reconnect so energy can resume flowing. This is the most critical time to encourage reconnection of energy and brain functions.

The concept of the brain wanting to repair itself was first evident to Adam in 2003 when he was asked to help an 18 year-old woman named Britni by using distant energy healing. She was critically injured and diagnosed with severe traumatic brain injuries after a head-on car crash with an impact of 200 kilometers per hour. Fortunately her mother contacted Adam immediately after the accident. Britni’s life was in the balance when Adam did his first distant treatment on her and he could see that she was deciding whether to live or not, as coming back is so much work.

Adam was telepathically encouraging her to heal as he could see light was sparking along the neural pathways of her brain. Britni accepted the energy quickly and her mother was present at every distant healing treatment encouraging her. Each treatment recorded significant improvements as Britni regained consciousness, sight and memory. Her doctors stated that she had severe permanent mental impairments, but Adam assured Britni and her mother that this was temporary and she would recover.  Six months later she was back at University and her grades were fine. As Britni states,” According to my doctors, I’m a miracle case.”

In Australia, Symone was severely brain-injured from a 70-foot fall landing onto her head in 2004. Amazingly she survived, yet she suffered extensive headinjuries and the doctors expected her to be severely brain-damaged or brain dead. Adam started distant treatments on her right away, bringing in and running through as much energy as he could within her brain. He focused on stopping her intracranial bleeding and attempted to get the neurons sparking with light again.

By the second treatment Adam could see that there was some activity in her brain, so he continued to bombard her brain with energy. It was clear to him that her neurons were regenerating and reactivating at a rapid pace.

Doctors at the hospital left the family little hope of recovery. They reported that scans showed half of her brain to be dead. Paralysis to her left side seemed certain, and her right side was thought to be impaired as well. This was devastating news for them to hear. Adam did not agree with their prognosis because what he “saw” energetically was more electrical activity in her brain all of the time. She was coming back.

After several treatments Adam said that she wanted to speak and was ready to do so with just a little energy stimulation. He focused on her speech during the treatment, and she began talking. Her first words were spoken to her grandma. She held her grandma’s arm and asked, “What happened to me?” It was no wonder she needed to ask this. It is exceptionally frustrating for injured people to find they are unable to communicate, especially at such a point in time where they need to express their feelings about the traumatic event. It was a great relief for her to have this limitation removed from her life.

She continued to improve as she regained both her mental faculties and physical movement. One month after the accident occurred, she was sitting up eating a limited diet in the hospital, talking to visitors and going to physiotherapy with no paralysis.  Now years later she has made a complete recovery and she is living a normal life with her boyfriend.

Adam finds it is encouraging to work with young people as they have a very powerful ability to regenerate after sustaining an injury. One can achieve results more quickly than when working with an older person, although it is never too late. Bombarding the brain with energy sometimes sparks a wake-up call to action. Just as with every ailment, the sooner it is addressed after the injury, the more likely that a successful outcome will result.

More recently, Corporal Trevor Greene was attacked in Afghanistan in 2006 with an axe blow to his head. Shortly afterward his wife contacted Adam, Debbie requesting treatments on Trevor and Adam took up the challenge. He did many energetic treatments in 2006 on Trevor at a distance and in person at Vancouver Hospital where ABC’s “Primetime” filmed them, as shown on TV in July 2006.

The doctors had told Debbie that Trevor had a “severe neurological deficit” and was in a “persistent vegetative state”. The doctors indicated that they did not expect him to regain consciousness. After Adam took a look at Trevor’s brain (energetically) he told Trevor’s wife Debbie that he could still see sparks of energy in his brain, although no energy flow.

Adam told Debbie that he would schedule a distant energy treatment for Trevor and asked Debbie to be present during the treatment to note his reactions. During the distant treatment Debbie and the nurse noticed his toes moving, eyes following people and it seemed as if he was trying to smile. The next day Debbie reported that Trevor had improved in leaps and bounds.  Trevor immediately reacted positively to Adam’s healing sessions as Adam worked on reconnecting Trevor’s energy flow. He said that Trevor needed a jump-start for the brain to remember the proper flow of functioning.

Shortly after this Trevor’s lungs became a problem and the doctors said that they would have to surgically remove one lung within the next couple of days.  Adam told Debbie that he would do another distant energy treatment on Trevor, this time focusing on his lungs. The following day, the doctors then decided that they did not have to remove a lung. Adam continued with occasionaltreatments and told Debbie that improvements would continue, but slowly. Now years later Trevor is living at home with Debbie and their daughter Gracie as he continues his phenomenal and on-going recovery.

These experiences with Britni, Symone, Trevor and many others have helped have encouraged Adam to seek out scientific answers to his abilities. He has graduated in molecular biology and biochemistry, B.Sc. (First Class Honors) and is currently studying to become a Naturopathic Doctor. The focus of his healing work is self-empowerment and teaching that everyone has the ability to influence their own health with their intentions. It is evident that intentions directly affect our metabolism, creating biological reasons to support the power of positive thoughts and intentions.

Article retrieved from: http://www.articlesbase.com/alternative-medicine-articles/neuroplasticity-as-on-cnn-news-is-evident-in-energy-healing-1352743.html

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