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Visualize the Latest Research August 17, 2012

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Nearly every day brings news of a breakthrough in cancer research. There are many interesting studies that you will read about. In your mind’s eye, see yourself involved with any cutting edge research that captures your attention. Be in­spired to keep up with the latest research and participate in your own way.

Recently there was major press about the “Cancer Bomb”, a new technique that is currently being tested in Israel for cancer tumors. (The Province December 14, 2011) It is essen­tially a pin-sized radioactive implant that beams short-range alpha particles from within the tumor to kill cancer cells. Rather than bombarding the tumor from the outside, this implanted device acts like a cluster bomb from within the tumor until it eventually disintegrates. Particles are continuously emitted from the implanted device. This new technique even causes a significant number of people to develop immunity against the return of the tumor, according to one statement.

Research is currently exploring the use of this technique, however research trials are limited- yet you have the ability to visualize this now!

Radioactive Implant Visualization:

* Focus your mind on the location of the tumor.

* Visualize injecting a pin-sized device directly into the tumor, which radiates out beams of pure white light.

* Know that this light is attracted like a magnet to every cell of the tumor.

* Generate the imaginary radioactive waves and particles then focus them on the tumor.

* In your mind’s eye see the tumor cells absorbing the waves of light until they die.

* Once all cancer cells are dead, see them disintegrate so there is no longer any evidence of any cancer ever being there. Change all of the surrounding cells to perfectly healthy cells again.

* KNOW that your intentions are influencing your healing.

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