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Adam’s YouTube Channel September 3, 2012

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1. Susan Adams - September 25, 2012

Not sure if this is the proper place to be asking a question. I am a 63 yr old nurse and have had tinnitus for the past 20 yrs since a scuba diving incident. I have not had any success healing it and wonder if you have any comments about ‘ears’ or ‘ringing in the ears’ as you have for eyes or muscle conditions. The ringing is so overwhelming sometimes that i can hardly think……are there conditions that can’t be healed once they move into the ‘chronic’ stage? Thank you for anything you might be able to suggest…….sincerely, Susan

Dreamhealer - October 23, 2012

Hello Susan,

You can send an email to questions@dreamhealer.com with your questions in the future. I made a visualization specifically for Tinnitus on my second DVD, Heal Yourself. Here is a link to the DVD if you are interested:
Remember to end every visualization with an image of yourself in perfect health, your body completely cured of this issue. Stay positive and be patient with the healing process.

All the best,


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