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The Healing Influence of Your Intentions January 8, 2013

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Recent findings in molecular biology show that your own intentions directly affect your health by their powerful influence on your metabolism.

So how can you use this knowledge to your advantage? The first step is to recognize your desire for change. Your mind and body will recognize whether or not you are ready and willing to make changes. If you truly are ready, your cells will interpret your intentions to heal as genuine. If your intentions are not sincere they will be viewed and dismissed by your body as background noise.

If you are attempting to feed yourself the same old unproductive thought patterns and just sugarcoat them, think again. For instance, if you are telling yourself that in spring you will start an exercise program, what you are really saying is that these changes are not important enough for you to start now. You are attempting to fool your own cells, and that will never work. They are too smart for that. Who knows you better than yourself? You can’t fool yourself, but you can change yourself.

What is most amazing about your brain is its adaptability. It conforms to your own thought processes through expectations, and is always rebuilding, repairing, and thereby recreating itself. A thought is translated in your brain and your body reacts to that thought. What you think is what you get.

Understand how your environment influences you. Become proactive in how you interpret events, as how you are influenced is up to you. Your perception of this influence is ultimately what affects you, rather than the events themselves. It is important to take in only information that is helpful to you in your healing.

Your sincere intention must be your singular focus. Become self-reflective and totally honest. Focus on how you think, understanding how each thought flows into another thought, and how your thoughts interact with one another. Intention helps to align your conscious awareness with your subconscious thoughts and beliefs. This makes it possible to get every cell working more effectively towards the same goal of health and healing. Your conscious intention must be synchronized, or aligned with your subconscious intention.

Ask yourself, “What do I want?” If your answer is that you want to be healthy, say it aloud. Shout, “I want to be healthy!” Let it resonate within you that this is your intention. This is what you expect. Focus on the expectation that this will happen. Your perception of outcome makes a huge difference. Change any habits or patterns that are not in synchronicity with your healing program. Absorb only information that is helpful to you. Let yourself know that you are seriously focused on the path toward change. Then use your own intentions to give you that extra edge in your healing.

Article retrieved from Examinerhttp://www.examiner.com/article/the-healing-influence-of-your-intentions

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1. Sue Rugg - January 8, 2013

After a challenging time I have become synchronized with my beautiful body,and what it has healed for “me” continues to astound me!Thank-you body.And thanks Adam for “the words” of wisdom. Sue,

2. Goodthinkin - January 9, 2013

excellent article…Thanks Adam for all your wisdom…OM OM OM

3. Elaine McGrath - January 9, 2013

Great article – oh! don’t I know it. I am almost 65 and still fibbing. How on earth do we develop the ability to follow through, follow through, follow through?

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