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Healing Influences February 25, 2013

Posted by Adam McLeod, former Naturopathic Doctor, BSc (Hons) in Alternative medicine, Dreamhealer, Energy Healing, Healing, Health.

adam the healer

Most people think that healing is complete when the symptoms of a particular ailment cease to bother them. This implies that health issues are completely isolated from one another with no interaction. However, we know this is not true, as healing in a holistic sense involves physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. None of these symptoms functions separately, so successful healing encompasses your entire being. When all of these systems are in balance, illness can be avoided or controlled.

Your healing is affected by both external and internal influences. It is important to remind ourselves what these are, in order to become proactive rather than reactive.

Taken from my fourth book, Intention Heals.

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1. Kathryn Love - February 26, 2013

My mom is 97 and in a home. Cancer in the rectum and not eating. Wants to die. Wants to come home. Bed is terrible. I want her on more pain meds. So at least she will have some rest without pain.
Is there something I can ask for that would help without her being too drugged?

Dreamhealer - April 12, 2013

Hi Kathryn,
I am sorry to hear about your mother. I am unable to provide any type of medical advice at this point in time but it is important to recognize that my visualizations can be used in conjunction with any medical treatment.
All the best,

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