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Ronnie Hawkins 10 Years Later May 31, 2013

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After diagnosing Ronnie with pancreatic cancer, on August 13, 2002 Ronnie Hawkins’ surgeon opened him up and found a hardened lump consistent with a cancerous tumor on the head of the pancreas, between Ronnie’s bowel and liver. Dr Bryce Taylor tried to remove it but it was wrapped around major veins and arteries. He performed a bypass and sewed Ronnie back up. Hawkins refused chemotherapy and was expected to be dead by Christmas 2002 as the tumor kept growing at a rapid rate, a behavior consistent with a malignant tumor. Dr. Taylor said “Every body in the medical team and in Ronnie’s family became resigned to the fact that he was dealing with a very serious illness, one that he would not recover from.”

On September 21, 2002 Adam read an article about Ronnie’s pancreatic cancer in the local newspaper. At this time Adam was having numerous successes with healing using his newfound ability to heal. He hadn’t worked with anyone that was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer but he felt confident that he could help Ronnie and wanted to give it a try. After contacting Ronnie’s manager, Ronnie decided that he had nothing to lose and would like to give Adam a try. At that time Ronnie declared, “If Adam can pull this off, tell him we’ll send him an autographed Hawk T-shirt. “

Adam carried out long distance healing treatments from Vancouver, British Columbia on Ronnie who was at his home in Peterborough, Ontario. He treated Ronnie from September 21st, 2002 to April 11, 2003 at which time Ronnie’s doctors read his MRI and declared him cancer free and tumor free.

Adam met Ronnie Hawkins for the first time in person in October when they were both featured in an Ontario TV show called “Health On the Line”. Adam also appears in the award-winning documentary movie “Alive and Kicking” which was being filmed at this same time in Ronnie’s home when Adam visited him.

It is has been over 10 years since Ronnie was told that he only had a few months to live yet into the 11th year later he is still cancer-free. Since then Adam has spent a decade in University studying the science behind his natural healing abilities in molecular biology, biochemistry and Naturopathic Medicine. Also during this time Adam has helped thousands of people in conferences using group energy treatments and teaching them how to use their own healing abilities. He currently has a speaking tour schedule across Canada.

Ronnie got his life back and Adam has an autographed T-shirt to prove it.

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