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Vaccinated Kids Have 2-5 Times More Diseases Than Unvaccinated June 21, 2013

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Written by Joe Martino

A recent study has come been completed and the results offer us information that should really make us question how we are approaching the health of our children early on in life.

A German study completed by Andreas Bachmair, who is a homeopathic practitioner, concluded that children who are vaccinated at birth have 2 – 5 times more diseases than those who do not receive any vaccines. The data for the study was collected from parents with vaccine-free children by means of an internet questionnaire at vaccineinjury.info. This study is an independent study that was self funded so no hidden agendas, bias or financial gains are at hand. Each one of the 8000 cases are actual cases with medical documentation. Three other studies had similar results according to Bachmair.

After all the data was collected and verified, it was compared against the national German KIGGS health study of children within the general population.

In the United States, no study on health outcomes of vaccinated people versus unvaccinated has ever been conducted by CDC or any other agency in the 50 years or more it has been administering an ever accelerating schedule of vaccinations. (Now over 50 doses of 14 vaccines given before kindergarten, 26 doses in the first year).

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database is generally thought to contain only 3 to 5 percent of reportable incidents. This is the case because only some immediate reactions are reported by doctors. Many of the adverse reactions remain hidden and not linked to the results of vaccines being admitted. Most importantly is the fact that the VAERS numbers are only immediate reactions. (A few hours or a week at most) More long-term vaccine-induced diseases are often not realized by doctors or parents as being the fault of the vaccines. Simply put, many children and adults have vaccine induced diseases but they are not being linked to vaccines being the cause.

The chart below indicates the results of the study completed.

dreamhealer adam mcleod

It is clear that there is a link between what we are injecting into our children and the onset of these diseases. The process is quite simple. The vaccines act in a way you would put a virus into a computer. Only this virus is a potentiality that can play out should the necessary conditions form. By putting all these potentials into the body and basically destroying the human immune system right at birth, the body is much more susceptible to what is thrown at it later in life. The purpose of the vaccines is not only to create disease and an unhealthy immune system but also to keep an individual very grounded into this world. Afterall, we can’t have kids walking around that would be a threat to the current system we have in place by thinking and being different.

Another study has also been done in Africa that showed very similar results but in this case dealing with infant mortality rates.

The study performed in Guinea-Bissau, shows a doubling of the mortality rate among infants vaccinated with a single dose of DTP vaccine. The mortality rate more than quadrupled after the second and third dose.

According to Age of Autism:

“VAERS data also show high infant mortality in the U.S. after DTP vaccination (much higher than from pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus together, hence it is clear that DTP vaccine is harming more children than saving.”

Due to the blatant facts, a safety panel is convening in Japan to investigate the connection between two widely used vaccines — Pfizer’s Prevenar and Sanofi Pasteur’s ActHIB — and the deaths of five children in the past month. At this time, Japan’s health ministry has ordered doctors to stop immunizing infants with the vaccines until full investigations are done and a conclusion is made.

The report of these findings first aired on BBC news in January 2011. The next time the story was aired on BBC in that same week, a massive attack and smear campaign began on the doctors involved in the study. Needless to say, no other media outlets aired or picked up the story which lead to no coverage in other countries including North America.

The following was written in an article outlining the story of the findings introduced by Dr. Aaby and his team. As you can see, the story is not available online any longer

“… [A] team of Danish and African medical sleuths have pieced together evidence that could change public health care forever. They have discovered that vaccines and vitamin supplements have unexpected effects – good and bad – on the immune systems of children.

It’s the first time a British journalist has visited the Bandim health surveillance unit, where Dr Peter Aaby and his team has toiled for more than 30 years – through wars, natural disasters and epidemics… Their health detective work has generated more than 600 scholarly articles in the world’s leading medical journals, and been responsible for the withdrawal of a potentially deadly measles vaccine by the World Health Organization.

But the WHO has not acted on the most explosive findings yet coming from Guinea Bissau.

They show that the world’s most commonly used vaccines can strengthen – or weaken – a child’s immune system in the long term, and affect their ability to fight off disease. The results directly challenge the WHO’s global health advice, followed by most countries in the developing world, and could mean that thousands of young lives, in Africa and beyond, are needlessly at risk.

We’ll hear from some of world’s most respected public health scientists who back Aaby’s findings. The documentary also asks why the WHO has not yet acted on the evidence generated so far. And whether safety tests for new vaccines and vitamin supplements, heavily promoted by donor agencies and pharmaceutical companies alike, are sufficiently far-reaching.”

As Dr.Mercola states on his website about vaccines and vaccine safety:

“A number of things are clear:

  1. There are risks inherent with all vaccines
  2. Long-term health outcomes post-vaccination are typically not studied
  3. When you or your child is injured by a vaccine, the risks are 100 percent, and you will have to deal with the consequences on your own, because those who make and give vaccines are protected from liability in civil court, and federal vaccine injury compensation is very difficult to get.

What’s worse, a U.S. Supreme Court recently decided to give drug companies total liability protection for injuries and deaths caused by government mandated vaccines.”

On a more positive note, many of us are beginning to shift quite drastically within our own lives and the effects these vaccines have on us and our newborns is lessening. Still, we may want to look into avoiding vaccines both for ourselves and our children as they are born.





*Please note: I post interesting articles that I come across. Articles are meant to stimulate discussion.

It is important to clarify that I am not saying all vaccines are bad. Vaccines certainly have their place and many lives have been saved as a result of them. I believe there has to be more research done on potential health issues that come with vaccinating children at such a young age.

Please be respectful in your comments or they will be deleted.


1. Laurie Leigh - June 21, 2013

GREAT article! I did not vaccinate my two children…24 years ago! Going against the grain back then was a struggle. But I listened to my gut and didn’t succumb to the pressure. I am SO glad that more and more studies are being done to expose this terrible “big pharma” experiment on our children.

Bar Science - June 21, 2013


2. Johnny Ojanpera - June 21, 2013

Great article. The problem we have in the US is that our kids are required to be vaccinated in order to attend school. We have no choice.

3. Dreamhealer - June 21, 2013

I post interesting articles that I come across. Articles are meant to stimulate discussion.

It is important to clarify that I am not saying all vaccines are bad. Vaccines certainly have their place and many lives have been saved as a result of them. I believe there has to be more research done on potential health issues that come with vaccinating children at such a young age.

Please be respectful in your comments or they will be deleted.

4. Jim Maclean (@bigpharmas) - June 22, 2013

As soon as you take a stand on anything that goes against mainstream you open yourself to ridicule. Congrats to Adam for taking a stand and being brave enough to open a discussion on vaccines. Bigpharma has big bucks so be prepared to be chastised by all their little minions whether paid or just brainwashed.

5. Davidya - June 22, 2013

It’s also worth noting the issue is layered. There is the vaccination itself. And the vaccination is packaged in a preservative. These can vary even in different batches from the same company. And some are not labelled, making doctors unaware of what they’re using. Some preservatives have highly questionable elements that may trigger issues in some kids.

For various reasons, the industry is highly resistant to researching their safety. Even to admit an issue might call into question their safety and reduce acceptance. Politics over health.

Public policy is a curious animal. In the 50’s, fat became seen as the bad guy. Foods became artificially altered to reduce fat content. But this also reduced flavour. Thus came the prevalence of sugar, then artificial sugar. The result? Widespread obesity.

Meanwhile, research has discovered that some fats are good, that better is better than margarine, and so forth. But the anti-fat meme is deeply entrenched.

6. sandehvallesi - June 23, 2013

I certainly believe what you said, as my own experience can confirm.

7. Enid Muirhead - June 24, 2013

Great posting. Thanks for sharing this, Adam. I agree, some vaccines are life-saving. Others, not so much. The pressure on health care workers to receive routine annual vaccinations for seasonal flu will occur again in autumn, and the indications are that the agenda to comply and reach 100% vaccinated will be stepped-up. In anticipation of that, there are others who are gathering available information and research evidence to refute the claims being made about indications of efficacy. The Cochrane Review specialist, Dr. Tom Jefferson, responded to this issue in a letter to the Vancouver Sun, November 15, 2012, saying that no effect for specific outcomes of the influenza vaccines was detectable on influenza and its complications such as death. Research evidence that deeply concerned me came from Canadian studies. On September 10, 2012, Canadian Press journalist Helen Branswell, in Vancouver Sun, reported that the BC Center for Disease Control, led by Dr. Danuta Skowronski, found in 2009 during the H1N1 pandemic that people who got flu shots in 2008 – 09 season were at higher risk to become infected with H1N1 flu. Five studies in several provinces in Canada showed the same unsetting results. Later, studies in Hong Kong further confirmed these findings. People who had received the seasonal flu vaccine were up to twice as likely to be afflicted with the more serious viruses, H1N1 and swine flu, and to be much sicker. Vaccines, like antibiotics, have their place in prevention in time of crisis. However, use must remain a personal choice and use must remain very judicious. Aside from other concerns about forced vaccinations and unknown long-term effects, we should take a lesson from overuse of antibiotics. It is now evident that overuse has resulted in cell mutations and anti-biotic resistant micro-organisms – superbugs, resulting in many deaths, and chronic suffering for others. This also translates to vast increases in health care costs as people are treated for infections, often hospital-acquired, that are resistant and at times not responsive to conventional treatment. Another deeply concerning issue for me was that the Cochrane Collaboration, the gold-standard of researching and interpreting the value of published research evidence, noted in the same Vancouver Sun letter in November 2012, “We also found that pharma-funded studies were more likely to be published in the top journals and be more often quoted than their non-pharma counterparts, but the quality and the size of the studies were the same as the others. Their conclusions were not-surprisingly more optimistic on the vaccines’ performance. Their publication on top journals was probably a result of the fatal attraction of pharma sponsorship for big journals and their publishers.”

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