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Detoxification and Cancer February 15, 2016

Posted by Adam McLeod, former Naturopathic Doctor, BSc (Hons) in best vancouver naturopath, Cancer, Healing, integrative cancer care, Naturopathic Doctor, Naturopathic Medicine.
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Written By: Dr. Adam McLeod, ND, BSc (Hons)

On a regular basis I have cancer patients come to my clinic who when diagnosed immediately started a self prescribed detox protocol to rid their body of the toxins from cancer. Intuitively it makes sense to remove toxins from a body fighting cancer. The cancer is very stressful on the body and as a consequence there is cellular debris and toxins that your body must eliminate. There are also many people who believe these toxins are the root cause of the cancer in the first place. Although this make sense on an intuitive level, in the complicated clinical context of cancer this is usually not a good treatment plan to pursue.

Cancer and the conventional therapies used to treat cancer are toxic to the body, but aggressively trying to remove these toxins is not helpful during conventional treatment. One major safety concern that many self prescribed plans neglect to consider is that these detox plans can alter how your body metabolizes the drug. When a dose of chemotherapy is given to a patient, the dose is calculated based on how quickly the body breaks down and eliminates the drug. If your body breaks down the drug faster then it will be eliminated before it has the chance to have its therapeutic effect. Just because a drug is considered “toxic” doesn’t mean that we have to get rid of it as soon as possible. In fact, often we want that drug to remain present for a specific amount of time so that it can have an optimal therapeutic effect.

The whole purpose of any detox plan is to mobilize toxins and eliminate them from the body. This process is inherently stressful on the body and can actually increase inflammation through out the body. This is why patients will often experience joint pain upon initiating a detox protocol. When the body is already in such a stressed and inflamed state from cancer, it is not wise to add any additional stress to the system. After chemotherapy or radiation is complete, then there could be an argument for a detox but even then it must be done at the right time, with the proper guidance.

The challenge when developing an effective integrative cancer treatment plan is that there are so many different therapies that show promise. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and not all cancers are the same! Just because you read that a therapy was helpful for someone fighting cancer, this does not mean that it would be relevant to a different form of cancer. We have to prioritize the treatment plan and keep it targeted on the common goal of supporting the immune system while controlling inflammation. There are many natural ways to do this but in order for them to be used safely it has to be used in the right clinical context.

The bottom line is that if you are trying to support your body through any cancer therapy, you need professional guidance. Do not develop a plan on your own as not all natural therapies are safe or indicated in specific circumstances. A significant portion of my job as a Naturopathic Physician who focuses on integrative cancer treatments is just making sure patients are not taking supplements that are dangerous. On an almost daily basis I see patients who self prescribed a supplement that is contraindicated or ineffective for their cancer and they never told their oncologist because they were afraid of how they would react. After a Naturopathic Physician develops a safe and effective plan they can then communicate with the oncologist so that everyone is on the same page. This creates a better collaborative healing environment for the patient and allows for the development of a more effective treatment plan.

Adam McLeod is a former Naturopathic Doctor (ND), BSc. (Hon) Molecular biology, Motivational Speaker and International Best Selling Author. He previously practiced at his clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia where he focused on integrative cancer care http://www.yaletownnaturopathic.com


1. Vanja Miletić - February 16, 2016

Dear Adam i read about your work (your books) from when you was a yang boy and you was so powerfool as healer, so I am surprised that now when you are dostor and have a Clinc you takl like all others doctors. Like chemotheraphy etc. starndard doctors work which is with cancer so bad and useles. Where disappear that old Adam who was working with God’s energies? Is it low the reason for your change?Regardes

Dreamhealer - March 14, 2016

Hello Vanja,
When I wrote my first book I was 16 years old and energy healing was the only tool that I had available at the time. Now that I am a doctor I am excited to finally have the ability to integrate energy healing with other available therapies. I continue to work with energy healing on a daily basis and it can be used together with conventional therapies. The broad statement that chemotherapy does not work for cancer is just simply not true. There are certainly circumstances where the use of chemotherapy is questionable but there are also circumstances where it can be curative. I always support patients in their choice of treatments, even if they decline conventional care. It is my job to always give patients the most effective treatment plan possible and this often involves integrating the best of both worlds.

2. LA Pezold Gallagher - February 20, 2016

I too am a cancer survivor of 36 years. I understand about the ‘healing process’ vs the bandaid. It angers me when a ‘healer’ or Psychic will tell the cancer patient that he/she brought the cancer on him/herself. Now the client is left feeling guilt, confusion and stress. I have also found that when someone is desperate to survive he/she will begin massive research on the net to find the ‘miracle’ cure I feel that those who seek cancer support outside allopathic communities need to realize that there are a good share of ‘shams’ found working under the guise of ‘healing’ practitioner and or psychic. Not all Light Workers are truly of the Light. I have found that that the wolf will come in sheep’s clothing to prey on the vulnerable. Let the seeker, patient, buyer be ware and become AWARE of the toxic that mislead good hearted people. Ex: I lost a friend (Tai Chi instructor) two years ago to stage IV brain cancer who became terrified of death after a table psychic from a local Metaphysic book store claimed that the brain tumor was a dark curse. The curse came from her son’s new in-laws. It took deep introspection for me to obtain the answers or means to help my friend find inner peace, allow family closure, and to let go of the ‘dark curse’. I am now seeing this similarity with yet another dear friend who continues to fight cancer. I see the present situation to be comparative to the ‘detoxification and cancer treatment’ information posted.

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