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Holiday Book Sale! December 20, 2017

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We are having a holiday book and DVD sale! For a limited time only the DVD’s, Intention Heals and Integrative Oncology book will be over 15% off on the online bookstore only!

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My First Vision April 12, 2013

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Thunderbird Dreamhealer

Native Thunderbird exposed

In previous conferences I shared the story of my first vision of the big, black bird I call thunderbird. This experience profoundly shaped my perspective of the universe as discussed in detail in my third book, “Path of the Dreamhealer”. In future presentations I will be focusing on new material, however this event had an enormous impact on my life.

When I was 15 years old I had my first vision, which was a profound, life changing experience. It started as a vivid dream of myself soaring across the oceans like an eagle, and then suddenly running through the forest at an incredible pace. Everything was moving so quickly that it was almost like watching a film in fast forward. Then all movement stopped and in front of me stood this large bird on the top of a mound. Ten years later I can still close my eyes and vividly relive this vision.

A familiar voice told me that I had to go to Nootka. I remember this so distinctly because this voice was my own yet it was my voice as an old man. At this point in my life my entire family was beginning to learn about energy healing through my experiences. When I told my parents about this vision they booked a trip for us to go to Nootka several months later.

Nootka is a remote island off the coast of Vancouver Island and it is rich with First Nations history. This is also the location where captain James Cook first landed on the west coast of Canada. I found it very interesting when I learned that I am actually related to Captain James Cook on one side of my family and I have aboriginal ancestry on the other!

When the boat docked at Friendly Cove on Nootka island, I was immediately drawn to this one location in the middle of the woods. Although I had never been there before I knew exactly where I was, as though I had this whole place memorized.

There was no trail leading this way so I had to navigate through the thick woods. Shortly after trailblazing through thick underbrush I saw the huge black bird. It looked exactly the same as I had dreamed several months before.

As I approached the bird it suddenly became clear that this vivid vision I experienced several months earlier had manifested physically. This large bird locked its piercing black eyes with me. If I moved left then his head turned left to maintain eye contact. In First Nations legends this bird would be considered a Thunderbird. These are mythical birds that only a healer sees. However, I wasn’t the only one who saw this bird as over the next couple of hours my entire family witnessed this awesome sighting, which allowed them to more easily accept the energetic phenomenon that I was exploring. Eventually we had to leave the bird because we only have a couple of hours to explore the island until the boat returned to Gold River.

I wrote in my third book, “Path of the Dreamhealer”, that the bird downloaded information to me but my understanding of this has evolved over the last ten years. I feel that this experience was so profound that it triggered something within me, which allowed all of this information in. To this day I am still trying to process some of the information that I saw. I am sure that this experience is what led me down this path of healing, clearly laying out my life’s role in the universe.

If you haven’t had a vision yet don’t stress about it. Keep an open mind and things have a way of happening at a given time for a reason. When this experience happens you will know it and you will then be able to utilize your own powerful energy more effectively.

Optimize your own healing abilities by being open to your experiences of knowing that your intentions can manifest physically. It is important to make that transition from thinking you can heal yourself to knowing that you can heal yourself. Then you are truly self-empowered.

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The full story of My First Vision can be found in my third book, Path of the Dreamhealer:


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Emotions March 11, 2013

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adam the healer

Everyone reacts differently to events and experiences. Everyone experiences a range between happy and sad emotions. It is healthy to have a range of emotions. However, habitual negative feelings often contribute to physical illness. Many people whom I have worked on have a very strong emotional component to their physical ailment. In a great number of cases, the source of the problem is emotional: The health challenge is the physical manifestation of emotional baggage.

Just as emotions can intensify a health problem, they can also be used to alleviate many issues. Use your intentions to guide your emotions for the betterment of your health. I have noticed that some people who attend my workshops show signs of depression. The physical ailment may be at the root of the depression, or physical symptoms may be manifesting as a result of depression. Whichever the case may be, depression is intertwined with one’s emotions and emotions are inseparable from the physical body. It is important to realize that we can influence emotions and our reactions to them. Rather than spending time trying to decided which challenge appeared first, use energy to improve your state of mental and physical well-being.

Taken from Adam’s third book, The Path of the Dreamhealer.

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Consciousness… March 4, 2013

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adam the healer

The flow of energy as information and our access to it are constantly evolving and changing. With continued evolution, we will all be able to access information from the field more easily. Our intuitive abilities increase as our skills to listen to them are developed. I call this tuning in. Most people have experienced this to some degree and know it as intuition.

You are constantly receiving information subconsciously in the form of hunches, ideas or images. People who are visually oriented will tend to receive pictures; those who are more auditorily oriented may hear voices. The data you receive is not only from yourself and your own body but is information being emitted by others. In fact, all objects – animate and inanimate – emit information.

Taken from Adam’s third book, The Path of the Dreamhealer.
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Intention Heals February 7, 2013

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Our thoughts are energy. Intention is focused thought which affects all physical matter. Once you decide to take control of your mind which in turn regulates your body, then you will be in control.

My studies in University have shown me what science is beginning to discover about the biological and chemical correlates of our thoughts and intentions. The carrier or dynamic at work is energy. The beauty of self-empowerment is that you are making this discovery yourself, as you learn to activate and maximize your own innate energy abilities to create your reality of health and well-being.
Taken from my fourth book Intention Heals.

adam the healer

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Tuned-in Youth February 11, 2012

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Adam Mcleod Dreamhealer

Tuned-in Youth Adam Dreamhealer

As an energy healer, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many people of all ages. It is particularly encouraging working with young people as they are often acutely aware of their own energy system.

Being 21 years-old myself, it is easy to relate to youth who contact me after reading my books or attending workshops. Our awareness of our energy is not unique — but our acknowledgement of it and speaking about it is — at least in our culture. Youth are sometimes cited as being more spiritually aware and in touch with their innate abilities and connections. But perhaps they just feel more able to freely express themselves.

Rolling Stone magazine published an article “The Boy With the Magic Touch” about my work as a healer with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, an American astronaut, and Ronnie Hawkins, a famous rock star. As anticipated, I received thousands of responses. What we didn’t expect was hundreds of emails from teenagers and 20-year-olds telling me about their personal energy experiences. Many had never told a soul about them for fear of being ridiculed. Some had confided in a parent, only to discover that they were judged and mocked, or dismissed entirely. Reactions of others are sometimes fear-based as a lack of understanding leads to an agitated, uncomfortable state, and point-of-view.

I heard from others who had experienced healing, both as healer and healee. It was a profound event, yet one that many felt unable to discuss with their peers, parents or anyone at all. Some expressed their relief in finally being able to correspond with someone who really understood.

At high school, there is intense pressure to conform. The biggest fear of most students, is being different, or being seen as different. What is viewed as “paranormal” is to be hidden; or exposed at your own peril. I learned that being a rock star is cool: Healing one isn’t. So I too kept quiet about it, at least throughout my high school years. Maintaining the status-quo is very restrictive and narrow in its perspective. In elementary school my class was shown a film starring skeptics who debunked paranormal events. It was clear that energy awareness and energy healing fell into this unacceptable category. No wonder many young people keep quiet about what we are so naturally aware of.

Now that I am at University, most people are too busy to care. I am constantly surprised that some of the biggest and strongest athletes I have known, understand the importance of energy fields,
and are interested in what I do.

I have also found that the internet makes it is easier to find out about energy healing and make connections to others with similar interests. Youth is tuned into these technological advances and this can validate that what they are experiencing is “normal”. As babies, we were totally connected with our mother’s energy system, which is an important part of our survival mechanism. As we develop, we are mindful of other’s energy directly affecting us. This web involves more energy connections as our world of relationships grows. Every energy has an effect on our energy – we are all intertwined at our most basic and natural level. Children know this and youth must stay in tune with it.

Positive thoughts and intentions affect us all far beyond our conscious awareness. Acknowledge this connection to everything and the possibilities for the future are limitless.
Adam Dreamhealer is an international speaker, best-selling author and healer. He will be speaking at Sheraton Newark Airport on March 22nd. Go to www.dreamhealer.com for more information.

Article retrieved from http://dradam.blog.ca/2012/02/12/tuned-in-youth-12762933/

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DreamHealer Book Review September 12, 2007

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Bestowed with the gift of healing, Adam takes us into his world—a place vastly different from what we typically see and experience with our five senses. In Adam’s world, laws are broken, rules are changed and miracles happen.

At the age of five years, Adam was seeing auras. It never occurred to him that these brightly coloured energy fields were invisible to other children. Seeing what wasn’t visible to the average person was commonplace for Adam and his parents nurtured and supported his uniqueness. But as these auras became larger and brighter, Adam had to learn to tone them down. They had become intrusive by the time he was in high school and he needed to hide these experiences, if for no other reason than to fit in and to be ‘normal’. He grew to understand that his abilities were not something that was to be talked about outside of his family.

As Adam made a conscious effort to tone down the auras, a shift occurred. He began to develop psychic abilities. He was able to influence the movement of objects. Rather than suppress this remarkable ability, Adam and his parents set out to understand what was happening to him. Read More

Adam September 12, 2007

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DreamHealer ( Dream Healer )
Adam is a gifted distant energy healer and best-selling author of three books about his work. His techniques are described in his first book, “DreamHealer- His name is Adam” and specific tools to increase our own healing abilities are given in “DreamHealer 2-Guide to Self-Empowerment”. An interactive DVD has just been released which brings this method to life entitled, “DreamHealer: Visualizations for Self-Empowerment”. A third book was released in Canada by Penguin Books in March 2006 entitled, “The Path of the DreamHealer”. All books will be released in many languages world-wide. Adam combines his First Nations background and experiences healing amongst indigenous people and others with his channeled insights about the science behind healing.
Read More….

DreamHealer Book Rights June 1, 2007

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The book rights to DreamHealer book 1 have now been sold to Lithuania.

Very Easy Reading January 29, 2007

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I received your book today and found it very easy reading. Couldn’t help but skip around in different parts of the book though.’

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