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It’s Time for a New Approach to Mammograms February 13, 2014

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By: Charles J Wright


When first introduced four decades ago, breast cancer screening with mammography was widely regarded as an important tool in the fight against a terrible disease. It seemed obvious that the earlier it could be diagnosed the more lives could be saved. Aggressive treatment, it was thought, would prevent the cancer from spreading through the body. A huge amount of research evidence since then has slowly and painfully led to a different conclusion.

It is now clear that the benefits of screening mammography have been greatly exaggerated and the serious adverse effects all but ignored in the enthusiasm to support breast screening programs. It’s time for these programs to be reconsidered.

It must be emphasized that this is the case for population screening of healthy women, not those with extra high risk factors.

This is a very unpleasant message for modern developed societies where three generations of women have been led to believe that regular mammograms will save their lives and where an enormous related industry has been built up, but it is time to face the facts.

Unscientific opinions and powerful vested interests abound on this subject, so it is essential to focus on well-conducted studies from independent sources to summarize the evidence. One of the most trusted of these, the Cochrane Collaboration, has been studying screening mammography intensively. Its most recent bulletin states that the benefit of screening 2,000 women regularly for 10 years is that one woman may have her life prolonged. Of the other 1,999 women, at least 200 will have false positive mammograms leading to biopsies and surgery, and at least 10 women will be falsely diagnosed with breast cancer and consequently subjected to unnecessary surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

This problem, called over-diagnosis, occurs when a biopsy reveals microscopic cells that are currently labeled as “cancer” by the pathologist, but with uncertain potential to cause any significant problem for the patient in the future. The “c” word inevitably causes fear and distress for the patient and an aggressive treatment plan from the doctors. This is now widely recognized, even by the U.S. National Cancer Institute which has recently recommended that these uncertain “cancers” should instead be labeled “IDLE” (indolent lesions) until research can help us differentiate those that need treatment from those that do not.

Now we have more evidence. The Canadian National Breast Cancer Screening Study published this week in the British Medical Journal, and widely reported in the international media, solidly confirms that there is no upside to breast screening healthy women in terms of mortality benefit in exchange for the downside of all the adverse consequences. In this study, 90,000 women aged 40-59 were randomly allocated to the mammography screening program or to annual physical examination only, with follow up to 25 years. The mortality was the same in both groups (500 in the first group and 505 in the second).

Adverse consequences from screening can include false negatives (a cancer is growing but missed by the mammogram), and potentially cancer-causing cumulative X-ray exposure. Not to mention the anxiety, pain and discomfort that women experience with the procedure and the huge cost of these programs to the health care system.

This new study, along with the Cochrane analysis, represent the beginning of a growing consensus among scientists and clinical epidemiologists that the evidence no longer supports population screening of healthy women with mammography. Several prominent female U.K. doctors have gone public about choosing not to have breast cancer screening, including the editor of the BMJ, the past president of the Royal College of GPs, and the professor of obstetrics at King’s College London.

Nobody can be happy about all of this disappointing news with its serious public, professional and political implications, but surely we cannot ignore it. The hope that breast screening could cause a reduction in the mortality from this terrible disease was at first well placed 40 years ago, but it is no longer possible to advocate for an intervention that carries such a tiny (if any) likelihood of benefit along with such a huge burden of harmful consequences.

The very essence of science is about seeking truth through the constant cycle of evidence, analysis and revision. In response to a hostile question, John Maynard Keynes famously remarked “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?” We should heed that lesson here.

It may take a long time to dispel the false hope that has been given to women with mammogram screening, but the very least and immediate response should be the development of a mandatory consent form for women to sign before screening that distinguishes the most recent and overwhelming evidence from the current inappropriate enthusiasm. Women would then be empowered to make an informed choice.

Public health agencies should also consider a comprehensive plan for public re-education about screening mammography, followed by the gradual dismantling of population breast screening programs across the country.

Retrieved from: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-debate/now-that-we-know-mammograms-are-flawed-its-time-to-change-course/article16847982/

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The Radiation Warnings You Won’t Get from the Mainstream Propaganda Machine December 2, 2013

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Radiation update provided by Daisy Luther and co-author NinaO. This report was originally published at Inalienably Yours.

japan-radiation-dream healer

The mainstream media and the federal government will soon have the blood of the world on it’s hands.

Radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant disaster in Japan is now actively in the ecosystem all along the North American west coast… even the sea weed is now radiated.  The Vancouver Sun reported one year ago that the seaweed tested from waters off the coast of British Columbia were 4 times the amount considered safe.  No further test results were released after the initial report.

The governments of the United States and Canada are not conducting tests for radioactivity – at least not to the knowledge of the public.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has agreed to continue purchasing seafood from Japan, despite the fact that the food is not being tested for radioactive contamination.  Last November, independent testing in Japan showed 65 per cent of the catches tested positive for cesium (a radioactive material).  Instead of refusing to purchase the poisoned fish, food safety agencies in both the United States and Canada have simply raised the “acceptable level of radiation.”  We can’t go offending the Japanese after promising to buy their tainted goods, now can we?

After the North American governments refused to fund testing, oceanographer Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist at the non-profit Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, Mass, along with Nicholas Fisher, a marine sciences professor at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and other concerned scientists, managed to secure private funding for a Pacific research voyage.  The results?

Cesium levels in the Pacific had initially gone up an astonishing 45 million times above pre-accident levels. The levels then declined rapidly for a while, but after that, they unexpectedly levelled off.

In July, cesium levels stopped declining and remained stuck at 10,000 times above pre-accident levels.

This means the ocean isn’t diluting the radiation as expected. If it had been, cesium levels would have kept falling.

The finding suggests that radiation is still being released into the ocean long after the accident in March, 2011.

Less than two weeks after the tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster, Michael Kane, an investigative journalist, reported, “In the wake of the continuing nuclear tragedy in Japan, the United States government is still moving quickly to increase the amounts of radiation the population can “safely” absorb by raising the safe zone for exposure to levels designed to protect the government and nuclear industry more than human life.”

The radiation has absolutely reached the shores of North America.  Water samples from across the continent have tested positive for unsafe levels of radioactivity.  The levels exceeded federal drinking water thresholds, known as maximum contaminant levels, or MCL, by as much as 181 times.”This means that the complete ecosystem of the Pacific Ocean is now poisoned with radiation and we aren’t being warned.

Samples of milk taken across the United States have shown radiation at levels 2000 percent higher than EPA maximums.  The reason that milk is so significant is that it it representative of the entire food supply.  According to an article published on Natural News, “Cows consume grass and are exposed to the same elements as food crops and water supplies. In other words, when cows’ milk starts testing positive for high levels of radioactive elements, this is indicative of radioactive contamination of the entire food supply.”

The Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, instead of refusing to prohibit the sale of tainted foods and mandatory testing of foods produced and harvested from the Pacific Coast, have simply raised the “acceptable levels”  of radioactive material in foods.

Clearly, the “it’s-all-for-your-own-good” government will not protect us, or even inform us of the dangers so we can protect ourselves, because it might dip into the pockets of the global elite, the nuclear energy industry, and the food industries.  There is big money behind this cover-up. Refusing to purchase and consume their tainted goods is the best way to fight back, while keeping our families safe and healthy.

How can we protect ourselves? First, be aware of what items are likely to be highly tainted.

1.)  SEAFOOD:  Question the origin of ALL seafood.  Fish and crustaceans from the Pacific Ocean should all be considered to be poisoned with radiation.

2.)  WATER:  The rainfall and snowfall are all radiated.  Do not drink any water that has not been filtered.   The tap water that flows from your faucet has NOT been treated to rid it of radioactive particles. A recent report from the NY Times stated, “A rooftop water monitoring program managed by UC Berkeley’s Department of Nuclear Engineering detected substantial spikes in rain-borne iodine-131 during torrential downpours …

3.) DAIRY PRODUCTS:  Milk and milk products from the West Coast states currently have the highest levels of radiation in North America.

4.)  PRODUCE:  Leafy Vegetables, Wines, Tomatoes, Strawberries….all produce from California or any other West Coast State are also likely to be tainted.

5.)  MEAT:  If a animal eats any leafy vegetable all along the West Coast, that animal has consumed radiation, and is poisoned.  This is any animal from cows, pigs, goats, sheep to wild deer and other game.

If you eat the above foods from areas with high radiation levels, you are eating radiation and feeding it to your children. Slowly the radiation levels within your body will build up.  This is PERMANENT.

Infant mortality rates across the United States have increased by more than 35% since the nuclear disaster, according to a court statement by Dr. with independent scientist Leuren Moret, MA, PhD.  A study published in The International Journal of Medicine indicates that more than 20,000 deaths right here in North America can be directly attributed to the release of radioactive material from Fukushima.

Radioactive isotopes of the type released from Fukushima have a half life of 30,000 years.  This means that we must permanently change the way we prepare our food.

  • Wash your food with soap and rinse it in filtered water. 
  • Be aware of the origins of your vegetables, fish, game and seafood.
  • Keep abreast of radiation levels to help monitor where your food is acquired.
  • Use only filtered water for drinking, cooking and ice.

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August 12, 2012

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Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.

-Henry Ford

Stop Bill C-51 May 8, 2008

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Stop Bill C-51 May 8, 2008

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Dreamhealer Sept 2007 newsletter September 16, 2007

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Thank you for requesting the Dreamhealer Newsletter.

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  • Human Genome: Adam


    Through studying Molecular Biology, I am increasing my understanding of healing as I “see” it. Many people seem to be under the impression that “modern medicine” understands almost everything that is happening in our cells since the sequencing of the human genome was completed in 2003. While studying molecular biology and biochemistry it has become apparent to me just how little we actually know. What does sequencing of the genome mean?

    Article By: Adam Dreamhealer

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    Adam to Help Residential School Survivors

    First nations

    Adam has volunteered to be a guest speaker at a conference in Regina Saskatchewan September 23rd, 2007 at the University of Regina. This conference is sponsored by 76 First Nations local bands in Saskatchewan. There will be 200 seats set aside for residential school survivors. An additional 200 seats will be made available to the public through First Nations organizers. Adam will be donating his entire speaker fee from this conference to create an endowment fund for the “First Nations University of Canada”. From this endowment fund, an annual prize will be awarded to a First Nations student in perpetuity.

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    Seattle, WA (Bastyr University), October 20th, 2007 (85% sold, limited seating as this is a small venue)
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    While Adam was in Edmonton Alberta he was invited to be the guest speaker on the TV show “Breakfast Television” with Wendy Sandwith. It was a wonderful interview as Wendy had already read all 3 of Adam’s books and was very well informed with what it is that Adam does. She even got the message that visualizations and positive thoughts should be explored PRIOR to any illness, to maintain our optimum health. Both she and Adam thouroughly enjoyed the one hour interview.

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    It has been over a week since I attended the workshop in Edmonton. This past week has been the best I have felt in my whole life!!! During the group healings I worked on releasing old beliefs and negative thoughts. A HUGE transformation has happened since that workshop. I have been feeling so cheerful, happy, positive, self-confident, and optimistic. The healing was so profound in order to completely remove years of old “junk” that was not serving any purpose. It truly is amazing. Every evening now I take a few minutes to do visualizations and I feel more peaceful and relaxed afterwards. This is truly amazing work. Thank you so much Adam for your help!! You are an inspiration to us all.

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    Cure Acne in Nature This Summer Without Cancer Fears July 18, 2007

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    Dreamhealer Blog

    SuntanYeah, some good news for sun worshipers. Researchers at the Harvard-affiliated Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston provided reasons to be less paranoid about tanning. In an upcoming edition of the Harvard Health Letter, investigators clarified that a suntan is the body’s best effort to fend off the known cancerous effects of ultraviolet (UV) light, not a mere symbol irreparable skin damage.

    As ultraviolet light penetrates the skin, it mutates DNA. This mini mutation helps create that sun kissed look that no tan-in-a-tube can emulate. While this is good news for seasonal beach bums, it’s spectacular news for acne sufferers. Read More….

    Skeptics Left Doubting Their Own Skepticism June 20, 2007

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    Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) June 20, 2007 — On June 14th ,2007 at Simon Fraser University, B.C. Skeptics Colloquium sponsored a lecture by Arthur Grollman, M.D., Professor of Pharmacological Sciences at the University of New York Stony Brook. Barry Beyerstein, PhD, a professor of Psychology at S.F.U. and head of the B.C. Skeptics Society, hosted the event entitled “The Pharmacology of Herbal Remedies and the Placebo Effect”.

    With an audience of about 25 people, mostly students, Grollman presented a lecture and then fielded questions from the audience. He addressed science’s growing awareness and validation of the tight mind/body connection, which he referred to as the placebo effect, the most powerful factor in pharmacology, at 30% efficacy. “Placebo is the most interesting and understudied factor,” admitted Grollman. When asked specifically how placebo relates to prescription drug trials, he confessed that in prescription drug trials, with placebo being a known 30%, a drug is called “effective” if it demonstrates 31% efficacy. That fact in itself was amazing and made attending this event worth the price of admission: it was free, or at least sponsored by our taxes toward funding Universities in their quest for greater knowledge. Read More….

    Hate-filled anarchy of the Internet is reducing us to babbling idiots June 12, 2007

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    In a letter published in The Province last Sunday, Alan Randell of Victoria described this newspaper as a “loathsome tabloid.” Randell is entitled to his opinion, of course. And one hopes he derived some measure of satisfaction from seeing his gratuitous insult in print.

    Maybe others think like him. But if Randell’s view prevailed, it would hardly account for the fact that so many thousands of intelligent people find The Province a darn good read every day.

    All I can vouch for is that the dedicated group of men and women whose efforts go into producing the paper strictly adhere to professional standards that are under brutal assault in almost every other medium of communication. Read More….

    Cutting Edge Conference Reaches Out to Physicians June 4, 2007

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    There is never a crowd at the cutting edge. But the “Body Heals” conference hosted by the ACIPBC (Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians of BC), which was held May 25-27, 2007 at the University of Victoria, was a great start.

    Vancouver, B.C. (PRWEB) May 29, 2007 — There is never a crowd at the cutting edge. But the “Body Heals” conference hosted by the ACIPBC (Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians of BC), which was held May 25-27, 2007 at the University of Victoria, was a great start, said conference presenter Adam DreamHealer.

    “The physicians who attended were brave enough to step out of the mold of conventional allopathic medicine in order to investigate the integration of complementary and allopathic medicine,” DreamHealer said. “This is the result of the public demanding and deserving a more integrative approach to their health care, especially when dealing with a personal health crisis. How complementary medicine can further advance our health care delivery for the well-being of everyone is critical.”

    According to DreamHealer, it has been widely noted in our society that complementary and alternative solutions are increasing in popularity with regard to our health care issues. Opposition towards integrative health care is also increasing. As with any new perspective which differs from the mainstream of thought, there are three distinct phases of its acceptance.

    “Firstly when a new viewpoint is expressed it is met with total dismissal and little opposition or fanfare,” he said. “Secondly, if momentum grows in support of any view which may be seen as threatening to the status quo, opposition increases.

    Finally the new view becomes the norm and a new level of awareness is accepted. We should all be thankful that we have progressed to the second step, as is evidenced by some biased skeptic reporters posing as legitimate journalists. It is so obvious with their ungrounded and unreferenced opposition that they are fearful of change. They view integrative medicine as a major threat to their belief system, and they are adamant that their views will not be changed by the facts. Integrative medicine is growing by leaps and bounds and is increasingly becoming a target of criticism as we are on their radar screens.”

    According to DreamHealer, the skeptics are taking note of its increasing interest as a consumer-driven public demand issue. Skeptics are unwittingly helping to spread the word about integrative health being a growing concern by printing their obviously biased information. People are more well-read and have faster access to information than ever before in human history. The public can easily see through their thinly veiled fanatical negativity and are informed enough to make their own intelligent decisions. What skeptics are opposing is the known facts that people can and do influence their own health and the integration of these concepts into a practice can only benefit the patient.

    The purpose of the conference is straight-forward and can be summarized by the following statement, DreamHealer said.

    “The integration of all types of medicine will help us better understand how our body really works.”

    The “Body Heals” conference included presentations by world-renown speakers Drs. David Suzuki, Candice Pert, Norm Shealy, Steven Aung and the only non-doctor, Adam.

    About Adam DreamHealer
    Adam DreamHealer, a 20-year-old author, presenter and healer with three international best-selling books to his credit presented to a sold-out audience. He was the only speaker who also presented at the AIPBC’s first conference held two years ago at the University of Victoria., notably to a sold-out audience then as well. Adam sees medical doctors as being in a key position to help their patients focus on their own ability to assist in their own healing. Says Adam “I want to provide people with tools to positively impact their own health. Primary care physicians are in a perfect situation to guide patients in exploring their own self- responsibility and healing.”

    But are these alternative health techniques worthy of further exploration? Do they have scientific evidence behind them?

    Dr. Warren Bell, Medical Doctor and Chairman of the ACIPBC states, “Those who say that alternative medicine isn’t based on good evidence have resolutely refused to look at the evidence.”

    Adam continues his University studies in Molecular Biology in order to have a better understanding of the science behind his healing abilities. He also feels that it is very important for physicians and other health care practitioners to become more aware of the importance of integrating self-empowering intentions into their practice. The ACIPBC should be commended for their progressive and forward vision for the future of health care, as they are certainly on the cutting edge.

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