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Heat: The Achilles Heel of Cancer June 2, 2014

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Heat: The Achilles Heel of Cancer

Written By: Dr. Adam McLeod, ND

It is a well established fact that cancer cells are vulnerable to heat1,2. On a cellular level it makes intuitive sense that cancer cells would be sensitive to heat. Normal cells are spatially arranged so that heat can be distributed evenly and they will not divide if they are physically in contact with adjacent cells. Cancer cells within a tumour will continue to divide regardless of the proximity of adjacent cells; this is one of the hallmarks of cancer. As a result of this uncontrolled growth, the cells in the tumour become densely packed together and this makes it very difficult for them to effectively distribute heat.

Hyperthermia treatment is rapidly becoming a mainstream therapy for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. During these treatments the patients’ core body temperature is artificially raised to mimic a strong fever. This is not a pleasant experience for the patient but it is very effective at weakening the cancer cells. It makes these cancer cells more vulnerable to chemotherapy and radiation.

When any cell is exposed to heat there are immediate biochemical and genetic changes that occur so that the cell can adapt to the new warm environment. One of the most potent responses that allows these cells to survive the heat is the production of heat shock proteins (HSP)3. These HSPs protect components within the cell that are vulnerable to heat damage and during hyperthermia the production of these proteins within cancer cells is what allows them to survive. Currently there is a major push with pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs that inhibit these proteins.

There are several different natural compounds which are well documented heat shock protein inhibitors. These substances are safe when used in the right clinical context and you need to consult a Naturopathic Doctor to know if this is the best therapy for that specific type of cancer. One example is Quercetin, a bioflavonoid that is well documented as a potent inhibitor of heat shock proteins in cancer cells4,5,6,7,8,9.

Cancer cells are naturally very vulnerable to heat based on how densely the cells are packed together. When hyperthermia is combined with Quercetin the results are very dramatic10. In one study on prostate carcinoma they concluded that, “When combined in a treatment protocol with hyperthermia, Quercetin drastically inhibited tumour growth and potently amplified the effects of hyperthermia on two prostate tumour types, PC-3 and DU-145 in vivo. These experiments, thus, suggest the use of Quercetin as a hyperthermia sensitizer in the treatment of prostate carcinoma.”

It is extremely important to point out two things. Firstly, Quercetin is safe with most but not all chemotherapy drugs and you need professional guidance from a Naturopathic Doctor who focuses in cancer to know if this is safe for you. Secondly, the quality of the Quercetin supplement makes a big difference. Generally speaking Quercetin is very poorly absorbed and there are only a few professional brands of sufficient quality that are effective at sensitizing the cancer cells. In some cases, intravenous Quercetin is more appropriate.

The mainstream medical community is changing its tune with regards to hyperthermia. In private hospitals in the United States it is very commonly used because it is so effective. In Canada, there are only a handful of clinics that currently offer this therapy. As the evidence for this therapy accumulates, in the near future hyperthermia combined with these natural approaches will undoubtedly become the standard of care for cancer patients.

Dr. Adam McLeod is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), BSc. (Hon) Molecular biology, First Nations Healer, Motivational Speaker and International Best Selling Author. He currently practices at his clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia where he focuses on integrative cancer care. http://www.yaletownnaturopathic.com


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Visualize the Latest Research August 17, 2012

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Nearly every day brings news of a breakthrough in cancer research. There are many interesting studies that you will read about. In your mind’s eye, see yourself involved with any cutting edge research that captures your attention. Be in­spired to keep up with the latest research and participate in your own way.

Recently there was major press about the “Cancer Bomb”, a new technique that is currently being tested in Israel for cancer tumors. (The Province December 14, 2011) It is essen­tially a pin-sized radioactive implant that beams short-range alpha particles from within the tumor to kill cancer cells. Rather than bombarding the tumor from the outside, this implanted device acts like a cluster bomb from within the tumor until it eventually disintegrates. Particles are continuously emitted from the implanted device. This new technique even causes a significant number of people to develop immunity against the return of the tumor, according to one statement.

Research is currently exploring the use of this technique, however research trials are limited- yet you have the ability to visualize this now!

Radioactive Implant Visualization:

* Focus your mind on the location of the tumor.

* Visualize injecting a pin-sized device directly into the tumor, which radiates out beams of pure white light.

* Know that this light is attracted like a magnet to every cell of the tumor.

* Generate the imaginary radioactive waves and particles then focus them on the tumor.

* In your mind’s eye see the tumor cells absorbing the waves of light until they die.

* Once all cancer cells are dead, see them disintegrate so there is no longer any evidence of any cancer ever being there. Change all of the surrounding cells to perfectly healthy cells again.

* KNOW that your intentions are influencing your healing.

For more information on energy healing please visit my website: http://dreamhealer.com/

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Gene found activated in 70 per cent of prostate cancer cases March 30, 2009

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A gene has been found activated in 70 per cent of prostate cancer tumors, the same gene that has been discovered activated in a majority of breast cancer cases, report scientists at the George Washington University Medical Center led by Dr. Patricia Berg, who discovered and cloned the gene, and Dr. Arnold Schwartz. Read More…

Clearing up cancer confusion March 24, 2009

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Q: What do you think of the study showing that eating tomatoes offers no protection against prostate cancer and that, in fact, consumption of large amounts of beta carotene may increase the incidence of aggressive prostate cancer? Read Article… 

Potential Cancer Prevention Effect From Herbal Supplement In Prostate Cancer March 17, 2009

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Heavy drinking-prostate cancer link confirmed March 17, 2009

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Men who drink 14 or more drinks a week are 20 per cent more likely to develop prostate cancer, according to an international review co-authored by a University of Victoria researcher. Read More… 

Herbal supplement may lower risk of prostate cancer March 14, 2009

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Scientists suspect that isoflavones may be able to reverse the androgenic effects of a steroid synthesized in the human body and play a role in prostate cancer prevention. Read More…. 

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