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Tuned-in Youth February 11, 2012

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Adam Mcleod Dreamhealer

Tuned-in Youth Adam Dreamhealer

As an energy healer, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many people of all ages. It is particularly encouraging working with young people as they are often acutely aware of their own energy system.

Being 21 years-old myself, it is easy to relate to youth who contact me after reading my books or attending workshops. Our awareness of our energy is not unique — but our acknowledgement of it and speaking about it is — at least in our culture. Youth are sometimes cited as being more spiritually aware and in touch with their innate abilities and connections. But perhaps they just feel more able to freely express themselves.

Rolling Stone magazine published an article “The Boy With the Magic Touch” about my work as a healer with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, an American astronaut, and Ronnie Hawkins, a famous rock star. As anticipated, I received thousands of responses. What we didn’t expect was hundreds of emails from teenagers and 20-year-olds telling me about their personal energy experiences. Many had never told a soul about them for fear of being ridiculed. Some had confided in a parent, only to discover that they were judged and mocked, or dismissed entirely. Reactions of others are sometimes fear-based as a lack of understanding leads to an agitated, uncomfortable state, and point-of-view.

I heard from others who had experienced healing, both as healer and healee. It was a profound event, yet one that many felt unable to discuss with their peers, parents or anyone at all. Some expressed their relief in finally being able to correspond with someone who really understood.

At high school, there is intense pressure to conform. The biggest fear of most students, is being different, or being seen as different. What is viewed as “paranormal” is to be hidden; or exposed at your own peril. I learned that being a rock star is cool: Healing one isn’t. So I too kept quiet about it, at least throughout my high school years. Maintaining the status-quo is very restrictive and narrow in its perspective. In elementary school my class was shown a film starring skeptics who debunked paranormal events. It was clear that energy awareness and energy healing fell into this unacceptable category. No wonder many young people keep quiet about what we are so naturally aware of.

Now that I am at University, most people are too busy to care. I am constantly surprised that some of the biggest and strongest athletes I have known, understand the importance of energy fields,
and are interested in what I do.

I have also found that the internet makes it is easier to find out about energy healing and make connections to others with similar interests. Youth is tuned into these technological advances and this can validate that what they are experiencing is “normal”. As babies, we were totally connected with our mother’s energy system, which is an important part of our survival mechanism. As we develop, we are mindful of other’s energy directly affecting us. This web involves more energy connections as our world of relationships grows. Every energy has an effect on our energy – we are all intertwined at our most basic and natural level. Children know this and youth must stay in tune with it.

Positive thoughts and intentions affect us all far beyond our conscious awareness. Acknowledge this connection to everything and the possibilities for the future are limitless.
Adam Dreamhealer is an international speaker, best-selling author and healer. He will be speaking at Sheraton Newark Airport on March 22nd. Go to www.dreamhealer.com for more information.

Article retrieved from http://dradam.blog.ca/2012/02/12/tuned-in-youth-12762933/

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Adam DreamHealer January 20, 2012

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Don’t underestimate your own healing abilities.
Adam McLeod

Seattle Workshop 2009 October 29, 2009

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heron flying best oneI couldn’t believe I got this picture during one of my morning walks..I remember feeling such peace and privilege to be sharing that space the same feeling I felt at your workshop.

I thank you Adam for the tools I left the workshop with and I thank your family for sharing you. You were right Liz trust in myself, do the work and make the difference, and yes the workshop was one of life’s sign-posts for me to be there. Since attending the workshop in Seattle only 4 days ago my life is changing. I’ve learned that the liver channel has alot to do with emotional integration and how aligned you are with your souls purpose or how well you deal with the lack of alignment.(I’m working on that) I’ve done alot of forgiving, and sharing in these 4 days and feel like a different person..I see great things in my future and liver cancer is not one of them! I will be my own success. I was lost, but am now found. You are making a difference and I feel honored to have been able to meet and talk with you and your family.

You are a young man with an old soul who will live in time forever! And in my heart – thank you Adam!

Dreamhealer Survey Results June 6, 2009

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Of those who attend a workshop  75% notice sensations from the treatments; 77% feel that their health has improved. 

June 1, 2009 Dear Adam, My husband and I enjoyed our first ever healing workshop and were very happy to be there. We both took away so much with us it would be hard to know where to start. My husband and I are feeling much better today although I especially had quite a sore collar bone and shoulder that I wasn’t thinking about and was concentrating on improving my eyesight so I could ditch my glasses. At the end of the first healing session my collar bone and shoulder were more painful than the day it was injured in a car accident. By the end of the second healing session it was feeling better but sore. This morning both my husband I are feeling much better and looking to do more visualizations and more workshops. I must tell you the story of the Thunderbird was not only fascinating but I felt a connection to the bird and I often see his face. This morning at work our Aborginal Student Services Coordinator came in carrying a shirt he won from a Conference on the Island and offered it to me. I am so thrilled and this now my pride and joy. Things happen for a reason and I look forward to see what happens in the next little while. Sincerely, Rita and Aldo

DreamHealer Workshop over 98% sold March 24, 2009

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Toronto May 3rd, 2009 (Over 95% sold)

This is a one day workshop. The cost of the workshop does not include lunch.

Online registration fee after the early bird date is $129 cnd plus 5% GST (applies to all attendees)

Minimal registration should be available at the door – fee is $175 (no guarantee on availability)


 Sunday, May 3, 2009 – 09:00 – Sunday, May 3, 2009 – 03:00


Toronto Marriott Airport
901 Dixon Road
Toronto, Ontario M9W 1J5

Dreamhealer workshop testimonial June 7, 2006

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Dreamhealer ( Dream Healer )
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on Saturday – I attended the one in November and saw quite a difference in the two sessions –
I also find I get emotional (both November and March just
before the morning healing session)
I believe I am healthy (I have some digestive problems but to my knowledge nothing too serious)
and so during both healings I held the intention and thought that
1) God knew what I had need of
2) Anything that needed to be released be released

After leaving the workshop – I got home and was quite ill
for the next 24 hours – so cancelled my evening plans
and just allowed whatever needed to be released be done
so – I also knew I was to release physical belongings and I
was guided to what I was to release so thank you for
the workshop – I look forward to the next one
I also wanted to acknowledge you as a family – it is
beautiful to see you all working together
so Frank, Liz, Adam and Sarah – love and blessings to
you all……………………………
Thank you for all the amazing work you are doing

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