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My First Vision April 12, 2013

Posted by Dr. Adam McLeod, ND in Alternative medicine, Books, Dreamhealer, Flickr, Healing.
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Thunderbird Dreamhealer

Native Thunderbird exposed

In previous conferences I shared the story of my first vision of the big, black bird I call thunderbird. This experience profoundly shaped my perspective of the universe as discussed in detail in my third book, “Path of the Dreamhealer”. In future presentations I will be focusing on new material, however this event had an enormous impact on my life.

When I was 15 years old I had my first vision, which was a profound, life changing experience. It started as a vivid dream of myself soaring across the oceans like an eagle, and then suddenly running through the forest at an incredible pace. Everything was moving so quickly that it was almost like watching a film in fast forward. Then all movement stopped and in front of me stood this large bird on the top of a mound. Ten years later I can still close my eyes and vividly relive this vision.

A familiar voice told me that I had to go to Nootka. I remember this so distinctly because this voice was my own yet it was my voice as an old man. At this point in my life my entire family was beginning to learn about energy healing through my experiences. When I told my parents about this vision they booked a trip for us to go to Nootka several months later.

Nootka is a remote island off the coast of Vancouver Island and it is rich with First Nations history. This is also the location where captain James Cook first landed on the west coast of Canada. I found it very interesting when I learned that I am actually related to Captain James Cook on one side of my family and I have aboriginal ancestry on the other!

When the boat docked at Friendly Cove on Nootka island, I was immediately drawn to this one location in the middle of the woods. Although I had never been there before I knew exactly where I was, as though I had this whole place memorized.

There was no trail leading this way so I had to navigate through the thick woods. Shortly after trailblazing through thick underbrush I saw the huge black bird. It looked exactly the same as I had dreamed several months before.

As I approached the bird it suddenly became clear that this vivid vision I experienced several months earlier had manifested physically. This large bird locked its piercing black eyes with me. If I moved left then his head turned left to maintain eye contact. In First Nations legends this bird would be considered a Thunderbird. These are mythical birds that only a healer sees. However, I wasn’t the only one who saw this bird as over the next couple of hours my entire family witnessed this awesome sighting, which allowed them to more easily accept the energetic phenomenon that I was exploring. Eventually we had to leave the bird because we only have a couple of hours to explore the island until the boat returned to Gold River.

I wrote in my third book, “Path of the Dreamhealer”, that the bird downloaded information to me but my understanding of this has evolved over the last ten years. I feel that this experience was so profound that it triggered something within me, which allowed all of this information in. To this day I am still trying to process some of the information that I saw. I am sure that this experience is what led me down this path of healing, clearly laying out my life’s role in the universe.

If you haven’t had a vision yet don’t stress about it. Keep an open mind and things have a way of happening at a given time for a reason. When this experience happens you will know it and you will then be able to utilize your own powerful energy more effectively.

Optimize your own healing abilities by being open to your experiences of knowing that your intentions can manifest physically. It is important to make that transition from thinking you can heal yourself to knowing that you can heal yourself. Then you are truly self-empowered.

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